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Professional Gas and Heating Engineering

Get paid to have an efficient home with
What's to lose?

Say goodbye to traditional fuel costs. Using Viessmann Vitovalor CHP you can be paid to generate electricity via RHI whilst also benefiting from high-efficiency heating.
​​​​​​​All backed by a 10-year warranty.

LONDON, SURREY, HAMPSHIRE and partners Nationwide


install your boiler

An efficient, safe, professional and competent installation you can ensure will give you the most from the system in terms of performance and efficiency. All this while respecting your property and doing our utmost to minimise downtime. You will be kept fully informed throughout the installation of progress and consulted about any alterations.​​​​​​​

Supply and Install your heating system. 

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heating system design and specification

Design your ideal heating system and controls

We will tailor your system to meet hot water demand with high flow rate, high-pressure hot water. The heating system will be specified to maximise efficiency whilst ensuring reliability is not sacrificed. This is achieved by selecting a control strategy to suit your lifestyle and property, but also maximise comfort whilst minimising gas wastage. Reliability will be achieved by only using products absolutely necessary and of good quality.​​​​​​​

free boiler consultation and quotation

Free heating system consultsation

In our free consultation stage, we will show you all the options available in this rapidly changing market and fully explain the pros and cons of each. Whether its a basic boiler installation or full integration of a hydrogen fuel system and battery.storage.

Enjoy the security with our warranty

All Heating systems installed by VitoEnergy have comprehensive manufacturer backed warranties often up to 10 years depending on the installation type. Any issues arising we will endeavour to coordinate maintenance and repair on your behalf if required.

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service your boiler for peace of mid

Service and Maintain your domestic or commercial boiler

Our engineers have years of experience fault finding and are perfectly placed for annual service and repair. Preventative maintenance will ensure efficiency and minimise the requirement for reactive maintenance.

monitor your boiler for repairs

Monitor Your System 

​​​​​​​As well as being able to control your system from your phone, and monitor electrical yield and gas usage. We can perform remote diagnostics and monitor your system to keep an eye out for faults and minimise callouts and downtime if you so wish. This can be particularly useful when the property is left unused for longer amounts of time and reactive maintenance time limited.

"We are explorers of new technology, unrestrained by negative thinking and freed by our problem-solving nature.
We help property owners reduce their CO2 footprint and fuel bills in a sympathetic way.

​​​​​​​We are Vitoenergy."

One of our friendly engineers can visit to supply you with your free, no-obligation quote or consultation.  Or feel free to call 0208 088 8282


Who are VitoEnergy?

"We started VitoEnergy not because we wanted to improve our previous domestic and commercial heating businesses or become more competitive in our field, we started VitoEnergy because we wanted to do something amazing. 


VitoEnergy is more than just a Heating engineering company, we want to innovate and want our customers to benefit from the best available products and service. 


We have a passion for energy efficiency and emissions reductions.  After realising that the domestic and commercial gas industry had peaked we wanted to find the next leap in heating.  Our investigations and research led us towards Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology where we have emerged as a market leader, gaining over 25% of the domestic market share in our first 6 months of trading due to our renowned reputation for quality domestic and commercial heating installations.


We have always had a focus toward sustainable and renewable energy whilst maintaining system reliability.  The most 'efficient' system may not be the cheapest or most reliable.  We serve all types of properties from domestic rental properties right through to commercial industrial, installing, repairing and servicing boilers and heating equipment.


Crucially, we want to ensure you have the best system - for you.


We have a clear goal at VitoEnergy - Bespoke home and business heat solutions to save energy, reduce emissions without ever sacrificing reliability."